Why is everybody upset, saddened, and, yes, surprised when they are told that they have to wait--wait!--for oh, maybe an hour before their prescription is ready...when it is the day before (or after) a major holiday? How many holidays do we have to live through before we notice that it sure is crowded here after Christmas, Labor Day (doctors tend to take the holidays off, people!), Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc.
Wouldn't you think that after, say, ten years--twenty, thirty?--we'd start to get the drift?
But no. Here is a sixty-something woman dropping off a bag full of refills at the counter on Good Friday. Could she have called them in the day before and waltzed right up to the counter and just picked them up? Yup. But now there is a line backed up to the men's toilet and when told she might have to wait an hour she seems rather disgruntled.
Well too bad, lady. Yer waitin'.


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