This from
Medical News: Campaign '08: Party Line Divides Views on Healthcare Campaign Issues - in Public Health & Policy, Campaign '08 from MedPage Today:
"For example, 40% of Republicans believe the U.S. healthcare system is better than other countries when it comes to making sure everyone can afford needed care. Only 19% of Democrats and 22% of independents share that belief.
Similarly, 72% of Republicans believe the U.S. offers better quality of care than other countries. Contrast that with the 49% of Democrats and 48% of independents who feel that way.

Huh? Now, I am a Republican, just so you know. More than 7 out of 10 Republicans think we are the top shelf in health care? 4 out of 10 think we can make sure everyone can get some kind of health care when they need it? Who are these people? Either they cannot read or they simple do not choose to read. But it isn't just the Republicans that live in fantasy land. About 5 out of 10 Dems and Independents also think we are the cat's meow.

I can only presuppose that these are the people who do not currently need health care. They are the one's who are twenty, maybe thirty years old and who think that getting sick means an occassional case of the flu or the common cold. Not needing a doctor they rarely go; not needing a prescription they do not know what a mess the current system is in. Ignorance, as they say, is bliss.

Unfortunately, nothing will be done in this country to turn our health care mess into a convenient and fair system until we all begin to look over the collective fence at our neighbors and ask the question:
How are they doing?

It isn't enough to look at your family and say, Gee, things are pretty good: my job gives me a nice income and I've got the best health care in the world.

No; you --we-- all need to look around, at our neighbors, our friends, our extended family. Heck, look at strangers: There but for the grace of God go I.

Is it right, is it fair, that 43 million people don't have any healthcare insurance at all??? 43 million people.

Is it fair that the guy coming up to my counter pays $10 for his Lipitor, but the next guy pays $50? Why? Well, the second guy had the bad luck to work at Company B instead of Company A. What has working for Company B have to do with health care? And what about the poor shlub who works for Comany Z? He doesn't get Lipitor at all because it isn't on the formulary.

Is it fair? No, obviously not. Well, then do something about it. Talk, listen, care. Then vote.


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