The preening exaltedness of the Right

If there is one thing that the liberal left despises most about the conservative right, it is the attitude of preening exaltedness. Now, as a conservative myself, I usually find myself in the company of many on the right. However, I usually am quickly discovered as a closet liberal--judged so by my adherence to a single-payer system. Recently I have been captured, and interrogated by those on the extreme right on a very popular social site. (Why do I characterize them so, as extreme? Because those are there own words, how they describe themselves: extremism in the defense of liberty, yaddayadda.) Finding that I am not a Republican (though I am one), that my conservative credentials are expired--though they are not, they have tried and sentenced me. I, it seems, am really a liberal Democrat, much like Obama. Though I happen to disagree with him on many topics. Still, they say I am liberal.

Now I also believe, quite forcefully at times, I admit, to being pro-life. I believe in conservative environmental principles. I also think we need to be fiscally conservative (though apparently not conservative enough).

But tried and sentenced by the extremists, what am I to do but turn in my Republican badge?

Well that I'm not going to do. Goldwater lost in '64, but the real loser then were the Rockerfeller Republicans, their heads being held underwater until only the extremists were left.

Does that mean there is no remnant left? No progressive Republicans? (By progressive, I guess I mean those of us willing to listen to others--even Democrats.) There is a small remnant left, but big enough to form a core that one day may be able to rise up in defense of liberty, a liberty that the founding fathers saw as less a preening exaltedness of those self-proclaiming extremists, but a willingness to enter into dialogue, as Obama said in his inaugural speech.

America was not founded as a theocracy. It was not founded as a dictatorship of preening prigs either. It was founded as a melting pot, not only of people, but of ideas.

There are people out there unwilling to listen to ideas outside their own. Beware of such people. They will judge you, many calling themselves Christians. Step out of their way, be kind, be civil, but be ready to rise up and call them by their true name: Extremists.


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