We're being invaded by Canada!

Pretty soon we're going to just have to institute the dreaded National ID card...just so we can lock our ER doors to those pesky neighbors to the north. At least that's the impression given by FOX "News".

“This should be a wake-up call to Congress and the administration,” said a Fox News medical commentator. “It is a fact beyond dispute that the United States remains the global destination for patients from all over the world.” Canadian conservatives weighed in as well. “It’s symbolic,” said Brett Skinner, president of Canada’s right-wing Fraser Institute. “These services are not available at all, or not available on a timely basis here in Canada.”

As Daniel Johnson of Salem-News.com states (in much nicer terms which I feel are lost on FOX) these allegations are lies.

What the FOX liars don't tell you is that the folks who come down south (41,000--if true--are a drop in the bucket of the people being treated in America) are seeking "boutique" treatments (limos at the airport, concierge service, etc), which if they can afford it, fine. It's their money; let them spend it as they wish.

What isn't stated in such very fine reporting is the "snowbirds" flying south from Canada, who live in retirement homes in the south of the U.S. Where do they get their healthcare? Why back in the good old Canadian system, of course. If the U.S. was so superior why wouldn't they get it here? Because in Canada they get it less expensively and its better care.

Also not mentioned in the FOX report is the fact that Canadians have better care after their heart surgeries resulting in less readmissions than in the U.S.

So, to sum up, in the U.S. we get sub-par healthcare AND we pay more for it. Great, huh?

As Mr. Johnson states, "The Canadian health care system is at least as good as the U.S. system across the board. At the same time, it’s less expensive and, with most procedures, has a lower re-admission rate because patients tend to be treated completely at the outset. The Canadian system doesn’t treat many Americans who want to come north because of the punitive malpractice system the Americans have.

One thing not mentioned are the number of so-called “snow birds”, well off Canadians who retire to the southern U.S. They keep their Canadian citizenship so they can readily return to Canada for medical care. This is something not available to Americans."

Yeah, and if we listen to the Republicans it never will be.


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