Tuesday's U.S. News and World Report didn't have a lot of good news for the makers of Tamiflu, that overpriced non-miracle drug that has received so much publicity in the wake of the H1N1 influenza virus.
Here's the link:

The original article about Tamiflu appeared in the British Medical Journal on Wednesday. Here is a snippet:

Based on the data available to them, the authors of the new review concluded they have "no confidence in claims that Tamiflu reduces the risk of complications of influenza in otherwise healthy adults," and said the drug should not be used in routine control of seasonal flu.

The article also notes that Tamiflu hasn't been shown to do much other than reduce the symptoms of flu by...ONE DAY.

Countries around the world have been stockpiling the drug--which by the way is none too cheap--which now appears to be less than miraculous.


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