A million bucks a day...

will get you a congressman, and not only that, but a congressman who'll vote against healthcare reform. That's right, insurance companies are now spending that much to derail coverage for the citizenry of this country. A few, like Rep. Slaughter, condemn such obvious bribery, and refuse such lobby money. But almost everyone else has their hand out--actually they probably have both hands out (can you say Senator Lieberman?).

We could have had an expanded Medicare for people 55 (or even 45) years of age and older...except for Joe Lieberman. We could have had a public option...except for Joe Lieberman. This morning I listened to a tape of Lieberman spouting off in September (of this year!) saying how he thought expanded Medicare coverage would be a great idea. Apparently it was a great idea until some insurance companies thought it would eat into their profits. So I guess they rang Joe's doorbell or slipped a nice thick envelope under his door. Presto, change-o, Joe thinks Medicare is just too wasteful for the country.

Can you believe we almost had that joker for vice-president?


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