CVS in hot water…again!

Seems good old CVS has been at it again, caught red-handed selling those rotten expired drugs to grandma and grandpa. Why those greedy little rascals! Well…
The story is a little more complicated than that. I have no great love for CVS (or Rite Aid or Walgreens or any of those boxy corner chain drugstores), and this is one of the reasons why.
Pharmacy managers have a duty to check for expired products. And I haven’t met one manager in my life (well, maybe one) who did not take their job seriously enough to check for expired medicines.
So why isn’t it being done? Let me think for a second…how many drugs are stocked in a typical pharmacy? One bay in a pharmacy can easily contain a thousand drugs and there can be four or five bays. So, understaffed (and every pharmacy I’ve ever seen has been understaffed) and filling a prescription every minute to two minutes, how can anyone expect expired products to be up to date? Well, guess what. They’re not. Not likely to be for the foreseeable future either.
All CVS and the others have to do is give pharmacists enough staff to do their jobs. Period. End of problem. But I tend to think that CVS would rather risk the penalties than have to pay employer salaries and benefits. It’s really about the bottom line; don’t let them kid you into thinking they are looking out for the public’s benefit. They’re not. Never have; never will.


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