(Sung to “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserable):

There was a time when men were kind
And they all forgave their debtors
And insurance was not needed
When all was done by shaking hands, not needing to be signed…
All transactions done in cash,
Town meetings civil and seated.
There was a time…then it all...was trashed.

I dreamed a drug was well-tested
And offered something new
I dreamed it was low-cost
And not just another me-too.

I dreamed the dream I had when young
When costs were paid in dollar bills;
No forms filled out, no effigies hung;
No need for insurance and other frills.

But the lobbyists come at night.
With their voices soft as moleskin.
The PACs and pol’s keep out of sight
They’ve crossed out Lipitor and Ceftin.

When I was young and unafraid,
I could read a doctor’s writing without specs.
E-scripts simply don’t meet the grade--
Is it Prilosec that’s meant or Phisohex?

I dreamed that copays were all the same
I felt as if in a wonderful trance.
I dreamed the sick could not go broke,
That health care was as it was in France.

He filled my summer with endless joy.
He saw the poor had medication.
MTM was everywhere
Even time for vaccinations.

And still I dream he’ll sign a bill.
A bill for us and congressmen.
Where we can all get our fill
Of tests and beds and pills.

I had a dream that life’s worth living.
That lick-and-stick would be a passing thing.
I’d be up above it all and counseling—
Now life has killed the dream, I dreamed.


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