As reported in The New York Times today, Sunday Sept. 13th, 2009, Nikki White died not from her lupus but from a horrific health care system that refused to care for her.

Every half hour another person dies from lack of care in this country (National Academy of Sciences).

And there is no outrage.

As Nicholas Kristof writes, every two months as many people die in this country as died in the World Trade Center attack, which resulted in this country spending hundreds of billions of dollars to prevent such an attack from happening again. But we balk at universal health care.

No outrage. Christians sit on their hands. Republicans call the President a liar. Fox News spreads misinformation. And no one cares.

If you care that Nikki White died needlessly, then you need to do something. Fax a congressman, the president. Something. Anything. Why be part of the problem when you could be part of the solution?


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