The return of Harry and Louise?

Remember those ads featuring Harry and Louise, the middle-aged couple worrying over the governments plan for national health care back in '93? Largely credited for destroying Clinton's plan for the country they are back. Last year, during the 2008 Democratic Convention (and the Republican Convention as the Dems paid for the ad to be aired then too--smart!), the two were reprising their role, this time to explain that too many people were "falling through the cracks." Even the lobby--America's Health Insurance Plans--that created those original ads says it wants to play a different role this time (see The New York Times, Sun, Mar 1, 2009, "Liberal Groups Are Flexing New Muscle in Lobby Wars").

Well, good. Maybe Obama has the political momentum to get this done. I do think he has given too much power over the details to congressman. Who do you trust more to deal with this problem, Obama and his policy wonks, or those congressmen who've been bought and paid for by insurance company lobbyists all these years? Yeah, I thought so.

Check out the National Coalition on Health Care, and give them your support. Go Obama!


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