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How about we follow some of these people to their jobs?

I do so want to go up to somebody just as they're about to leave for lunch and say something like, "But I just have to pick up a geology sample." OK, so there aren't that many geologists out there, but you get the point. If someone is leaving for lunch you don't go up to them ask for them to keep open just because you couldn't plan your errand better. Your lack of planning shouldn't ruin my day.

And another thing: If someone makes a stupid mistake and you run to the store manager or district manager and complain ... that makes you a delinquent. That's right. You don't try and ruin a person's life and career over some piddly little error. If some new person is on the job and cannot find where some product is (because they are new) then running off to complain should be seen as a character flaw. I don't even care if that person said something to offend you. Heck, everyone should be offend…