Had a call from some lady ...

wanting to compare what she paid this year to what she's paying for insurance (Medicare Part D). She thought that since she only paid about $300 the entire year that she should toss the plan, which had higher premiums than that. I counseled forbearance: Medicare is meant as a catastrophic plan, there if you need it when undergoing expensive treatments. I told her of a woman who did decide to terminate her plan, only to suffer a heart attack the very next month. She had to endure $1000 prescriptions per month until she was again eligible to sign on with Medicare.

She wasn't convinced. I mentioned something about too bad the U.S. didn't have a single-payer system such as Canada had. She assured me that that wasn't the way the country should head in. Said that Canadians are headed here in droves to get needed medical attention. I said that I really doubted that. No, she said; she had friends in Canada and apparently they were up in arms to get out of the blasted system.

I gave her some of my own ideas, basically saying that the system that our new president-elect has drawn up has a lot of promise. We in the end agreed to disagree.

The above link has some of the myths regarding the Canadian health system that should be required reading for anyone having anything to do with health in the U.S. (meaning, of course, everybody).


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