... it's entirely illegal!

What happens is this: Some fellow traveller stops in and remarks how he needs a refill on his prescription. Unfortunately the prescription is either expired or is not refillable (a clue would have been to look at the label where it says "No more refills--contact your doctor"). What to do? Well, with the price of gas going up there aren't a lot of people willing to go home and then come back later on in the day, especially if they live in a rural district where a drive to the pharmacy might be half an hour or more. Nowadays it can take several days to get a refill on a prescription, so what I do is to give the poor bloke a couple of days worth of meds and send them on their way. I then fax the doc and when I get the prescription OK I then subtract the few tablets from the new fill. Simple, right? Everybody happy, right? Sure, except ...
it's entirely illegal.
No one gave me the right to give those pills. I'm essentially writing a prescription. But I do it anyway. And what's more, we all do it. Every pharmacist I've ever worked with does it. We're all thumbing our collective noses at the establishment.
And we're quite content in doing so.
Stick it to the man! Yeah!


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