"Pretty busy over there...

mind if I cash out here?" the guy says. Gee, nope. We were just sayin'--weren't we Sally (Sally over there is my technician, though heck, why would we be needin' a technician when we've got nuthin' to do I just cannot say)--that for the past two hours we done nuthin' but twiddle our thumbs. Mine's about to fall right off. Busy are they? I bet they are. Why they gots to cash out peoples like you and me and me and you and they just go on and on and on. We only have to answer the phone, call the insurance companies, call the doctors, call the hospital, fax the doctors, correct their mistakes, call back the doctors, call back the insurance companies, yell at the insurance companies, fill prescriptions (I like that part, personally)...and then we gots to ring all you fine folk out just like they do up at the front of the store.

Busy are they? Good. Son of a cabbage, that's just jimminy cricket good.


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