When you stand...

at the counter ready to pay, fiddling around with you purse or jamming your hands in your pocket fumbling for change...we hate that! Can you possibly think that we have nothing better to do than wait patiently for you to add your change up? Just give us the bill and deal with it. I have 20 prescriptions waiting, ten people behind you waiting for their medicine, two calls on hold, and reports to do.

And while we're at it...

throw all your checks in the shredder. Checks are bogus and a waste of every one's time. Why do we still have checks? I haven't made out a check in a very long time. I pay with my debit card or my credit card. I don't need to stuff bills in my wallet and have loose change jangling in my pockets. I wish I knew how many lost hours have gone by standing there at the register waiting for someone to fill out their check. There is one good thing about checks: I can tell when someone is beginning Alzheimer's. A wonderful lady who would come in monthly for years, jotting down the information on the check, flipping it to us, then turns into someone who takes five minutes to arduously, meticulously filling it out like some exam she took sixty years ago. That tells us that something is wrong. But that is about the only good thing with checks. Throw the things out or at least leave them home.

And just give us the bills and let us get back to work.


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