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Thursday, April 17, 2008

No prescription for you! Back of the line!

The soup Nazi has now come to the drug store. If you make me work all the way through a prescription (or worse, several) only to tell me at the register that you are sorry but you have a prescription card and can you "just run that through"?

No, actually, I can't. We need to start over...from the stinkin' beginning. And you are now at the end of a very long line of people. I don't care if you are standing at the register like your about to set up a campsite, I don't care how pretty you are, I don't care how rude and obnoxious you are--I don't even care how nice you are about're going to wait. A long time. No soup for you!

1 comment:

discount prescription drug card said...

this is hilarious!
My pharmacist is really mean and he gets meaner when i pull out my prescription card, hes a little tiny bit strange!