The Public’s Indifference is the Real Problem


What is currently wrong with the pharmacy/health care picture is still a nonchalance and "so what?" attitude by so many people. Even when it directly concerns people, when they are even pissed off at the insurance companies (which might—Oh My!—go out of business if we have a public plan).

A customer getting some morphine—long term customer, not an addict trying to get a fix—couldn't get the insurance company to go along with the dosing. Had to get a prior authorization. Well, obviously this was needed NOW because the guy was in some serious pain, but he didn't have the $57 to pay for it. He assumed—never assume this people—his insurance company ("his insurance company": Why do we say this like they are a member of our family?) was going to pay for it and he'd have to pay about $5. So he got pissed at me and stormed out.

Later he came back and apologized. I got talking to him, and basically stated that until Obama gets backing from people like him, people telling their congress people to get on the stick and change things, then nothing was going to change.

"Oh I don't know about that," he said. He was angry still, but not quite angry enough to say that he was ready for the government to step in and fix things. He'd rather still have his precious insurance companies oversee his health care, these greedy, immoral—OK, EVIL—shysters than a public plan that gives everybody equal access, equal—and fair—copays, and covers everybody.

What is wrong with people? And how do you fix this when few care enough to?


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