Someone I follow on Twitter gave me this site. I think you should read it and sign it. Anyone interested in fair health care for Americans needs to get on board. Here is the petition:


EVAN BAYH (IN) has organized a conservative democratic caucus called CONSERVADEMS specifically organized to oppose several Obama agenda items that we voted FOR him because we hoped they would be … accomplished! There are 15 senators that are willing to admit to being CONSERVADEMS AND 3 OR 4 MORE WHO attend the meetings but refuse to be named.  They actually want to PREVENT HEALTH CARE LEGISLATION FROM PASSING BY MAKING SURE THAT IT IS BROUGHT UP IN A WAY THAT WILL BE SUBJECT TO REPUBLICAN FILIBUSTERING.  They also want to water down the president's climate change legislation and reduce federal spending. 
   Didn't we work, contribute and vote for President Obama and his agenda for a reason?  Now 59 days into his term and they are fast at work undermining him and us!!  These turncoats need to go!!  The other 14 CONSERVADEMS are TOM CARPER (DE), BLANCH LINCOLN (AR), MICHAEL BENNET (CO), MARK BEGICH (AK), KAY HAGAN (NC), HERB KOHL (WI), MARY LANDRIEU (LA), JOE LIEBERMAN (CT), CLAIRE MCCASKILL (MO), BEN NELSON (NE), BILL NELSON (FL), JEANNE SHAHEEN (NH), MARK WARNER (VA) & MARK UDALL (CO).


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