Change? Who needs change?


When the status quo works so well, I mean. That's the impression I get when I visit the government affairs section of APhA, the site for the American Pharmacists Association. On the docket for the Advocacy Agenda is … Single-payer insurance? No. Health care reform of any sort? Nope. How about controlled substance policy and medguide management? Well, of course. You know, the really important things. After all, we need to nip these medguides in the bud. In…the…bud! We're bud nippers at APhA, that's what we are (apologies to Barney Fife).

Why doesn't APhA get it? Not sure. I suppose they might be afraid their members could be on the short end of the stick (again), but if that is so it seems to me that the smart course of action would be to get in on the ground floor and advocate for change that benefits pharmacy. And change is coming, sure as shootin'.

APhA might also like the existing system. Nah. No one likes this system short of the insurance companies.

So what gives? My take is that the bigwigs on board are simply too far behind the times. They've been caught up in the same arguments for so long that that is all they know. Arguments for greater dispensing fees? Check. Higher reimbursements? Check. Compensations for pharmacy services? Check. Medication Therapy Management? Check. Argue for the establishment of Single-payer government insurance? Um, we don't know anything about that! What do we say? What do we do? Gosh!

APhA, get with the times and change. Think big. Think way big.


Kate Anne said…
Single Payer is about fairness. My healthcare plan so far is fine -- for me. Until it isn't. Healthcare plans should not be connected to jobs -- it imprisons people to the job they have with healthcare or forces them to depart a job they love because of lack of benefits. As for why Congress isn't pushing for it, just check out for how much healthcare related money your congress critter is getting. For the period 2003-2008, Sen. Baucus got 25% of his campaign funds from them. ARGH!!! (Google him for nyceve's article in Daily Kos June 20th or go here.}
Persnickety said…
You are one of the few who see the big picture. Not many who look down the street and see that things may not be so sunshiny over there. Fairness for all, that's what it is all about.

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