"You one of them ... Reds?"

Now let me say from the getgo that the only Red I've loved is of the shrimp variety, especially those found along the gulf. Sweet! I'm no com-you-nist. I belong to the Republican Party, albeit the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt (Teddy) and Taft, not Bush. But I fear I've been labeled one of them Commie lovers on my insistence on a national health care plan.

I will set the generalized scene: Sitting around the living room or at the dinner table, surrounded by fellow church-going folk, I will inevitably bring up my disgust with the current state of health care in this nation. Someone will, in a near whisper, ask me, "But do you think we should have national health care???" The question posed is of course spoken rhetorically. As if no one at the table would dare suppose that this great country of ours would ever, ever stoop to such a low point. Socialized health care? Raising the flag of our fathers they plant firm their feet and cry, Never! Why, there'd be so many lazy, good-for-nothings sittin' around watching Oprah and swillin' beer that ... that ... well, I don't know what!

I ask, What about the thousands of bankruptcies across the country ... due to the sin of people getting sick? I ask, Is that good for the country? Why do we pay, per capita, twice what other countries pay? Why do we have more than 45 million people without health care? Why do all the people getting laid off from work, and who now have no safety net if they get sick, need to have insurance tethered to the workplace? Doesn't your neighbor down the street deserve insurance as much as you? And why should your Lipitor cost $50 but John Doe's $10? Don't you care? DON'T YOU CARE?

No, you don't. That's the upshot of it. Christian churchgoer: shame on you! You hypocrites.


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