You wanna see the manager? Ha! I am the manager!

So this really nice lady (sarcasm!) comes up to the counter just about as I'm putting down the gates, ready to close up the joint. I say, "May I help you? Do you have a pick-up?" She says, "K...N...I..." So I type her nicely enunciated letters into the pick-up screen and nothing comes up.
"Do you have a prescription here?" I ask. "K...N...I..." I try it again, thinking maybe I just hit the wrong key. Nothing. "What is it you're looking for?" "K...N...I..." "Why don't you come down here," I say, directing her to one of the PCs at the other end of the counter.
I look up her profile and Lo! eleven days earlier we had put up two prescriptions of generic Prozac for her. I explained that we can hold prescriptions for seven days and that after that they are put away.
"I have to be somewhere in half an hour! I had an emergency vacation--how was I supposed to know you put prescriptions back?" Right. We just hold prescriptions for ... infinity. All that lost inventory? So what? We like to write stuff off.
Anyway, I say, getting my dander up, "My time is worth just as much as your time. I have to be somewhere too. And no one is paying me to re-do your prescriptions. It's on my time."
"So you're not going to service your customer?" she says, adding that she wants to see the manager.
I tell her that I'm the manager, but that I am going to get her her prescriptions. I say, Ma'am, I am going to stay here ten minutes after closing to get you her prescriptions, on my dime, just so I can exceed your expectations!"
Then I made her wait fifteen.


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