Tea Tree oil is a great multipurpose treatment to use on a number of ailments. Whether you are looking to repel insects in your garden or if you are looking to clear up your acne, tea tree oil is a great alternative.

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Amazing herbal remedy! Cures Acne! Kills Lice! Empties...

Pockets! (of your cash). Actually, it isn't terribly expensive, but my point is that this isn't exactly science that is being bandied about here. I am not saying tea tree oil is snake oil: there may be benefits to using tea tree oil. But where is the proof? And I'm not talking about what the neighbor said concerning her little Johnny's case of lice ("Here today, gone tomorrow! Amazing stuff. You got to get some!"). I want some double-blind study to look over.

If something is so great -- remember the early buzz on coral calcium? Cancer cure, anyone? -- then we should be able to show that it actually, undeniably, works. Show me the study.

Homeopathy is the greatest example of modern day snake oil being peddled about supposedly curing this and that, while being composed of mainly water (except the pills which are most likely lactose). I was just reading the Digg article above and the replies to same when I came across someone who cautioned (cautioned!) the use of tea tree oil. Seems that he or she was worried that such a powerful medicine might not be used properly and thereby could cause some harm by unknowing practitioners of herbal medicine (spoken with a hushed, but decidedly sinister whisper) simply unaware of how powerful a drug they have got hold of.

Well, I would hope so. I mean they might get a rash or something (from allergy). And if they put it in their hair it might, you know, smell bad.

So be careful out there, people. Please consult your homeopathic witchdoctor before using. And if pregnant or breast-feeding, well, just know it might stink a little.


Collin said…
If you are truely interested. I'd be happy to send you some studies. I've been buying tea-tree based products from a very trusted company for over 14, and absolutely love them.

What you are saying does make sense, and is a valid argument. But, there are some very good reasons why you do not see this product being hailed all over the globe as the miracle cure.

(NOT a homeopathist...I support my doctors sailboat just like everyone else)

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