Customer gives us a prescription to transfer into our pharmacy. Call said pharmacy. Busy signal. Busy again. Busy yet again. Customer comes back. Why isn't it done??? Um, busy signal. Customer goes away angry. Comes back five minutes later. I just called and I got through...the first time I called!
"Gee, wow. You're some really something with a phone," I think (but don't say). I call again, and get through. Transfer prescription. Tell her, "It'll be fifteen or twenty minutes." Disgusted and confused look. What?! She turns to her paramour. He said we have to wait. Why, he says. How do I know, she says. He's had my bottle for half an hour.
"I'll get it tomorrow," she says.
Whatever, I say.
Next day she comes in and when I tell her the copay is $25 she says, "What! The other pharmacy charges $3!"
I explain that I am only charging what her insurance says I need to charge, and that we don't price her prescription, her insurance does.
"So how do you explain that I only pay $3?"
"I can't." Wanted to say, "You're dreaming, lady."
Next day I get a call from the pharmacy from which I transferred the Rx originally. She needed to transfer it back. "Fine," I say. "By the way, what did she pay the last time she got this?"
Huh. Big surprise.


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