Ah, another Memorial Day weekend...

spent working behind the counter. Do I mind? Of course not. My friends and enemies alike are spending it camping and having cookouts and such, but I feel they are missing the point. Memorial Day is a day of memories, of harking back to pay tribute to the fallen, of those who have sacrificed for our benefit. Work isn't necessarily fun, at least for most of us; we shouldn't just spend this holiday frolicking without a care, without a hint of the loss we all bear. Isn't that right. It is.

And while we're at it, I rather like to bathe in the fluorescent's gaze and the soft glow of the computer monitor. What I don't like is the constant whine and cringe inducing honk of the customer's rant:
"You should be outside; it's gorgeous!"
"If you can get out of here for an hour you're gonna love it!"
"Too bad you're stuck in here."

Actually, it wouldn't be that bad being stuck in here, except I have to listen to that crap. So shut up, people, and let me enjoy my Memorial Day.


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