Ugh, the abortion question...
just wont go away. Pharmacists everywhere have been forced to make a moral decision regarding Plan B: Sell or don't sell. Which really means, sell or refer the sale to someone else thus bypassing you.

When the product came out (just an expensive high dosed birth control pill) I opted out. I felt that I just did not want to be involved in the possible aborting of some innocent kid. I know, I know--there are many of you who don't want to think of a fetus as a kid but "it" is and you'd know it if you ever cracked a biology text book--at least before they were rewritten by liberal fascists. Anyway that is how I felt: let someone else sell it and my conscience would be clear.

Well,I now sell it. It is going to be sold anyway so why put some girl through the embarrassment? I don't want to make her feel bad; she probably feels bad enough already. But the real kicker came when I thought through the entire process. What was going on in the girl's womb? Sperm meets egg (maybe), fertilization occurs (maybe), embryo attaches to lining (maybe). If the girl takes the Plan B maybe the developing baby is sloughed off like so much dead skin (which it decidedly is not: it is a miracle, plain and simply said) or it never gets the chance to become anyone at all, as the fertilization might be prevented.

A lot of maybe's and might's. I'm letting God do the deciding. The girl thinks she is in charge, but she is not. That baby will be born if God wants it to be. The decision is not hers and it certainly is not mine. God's in charge, whether we know it or not.


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