National Health Insurance...
is the only answer to the morass we find ourselves in. Unfortunately, none--none!--of the three major presidential candidates offer even the hope for a national program. Incredible. Even Clinton has shied away.

Why should your health insurance be tied to your job?

Why should we pay profits to some insurance company?

Why do we need ten thousand plans in this country? What waste.

The national plan could be expanded Medicare (guess what? we already have a national health insurance and it works pretty good: Medicare--so just expand it!) or some variation on the existing system, but with restrictions.

A Pharmacist friend once gave me his take on this: Why not divide the country into five or six regions. Let each region take bids from health insurance corporations to contract out benefits for a few years. That forces prices down and still gives people a measure of choice: heck, we could even vote on our plans. That way we wouldn't have ten thousand plans, but only five. Simple. Cheaper.

Only one problem: less profit for insurance companies means less money in the politicians pockets.

Back to square one, I guess.


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