I've read that the vast majority of seniors are satisfied with their Medicare D plans. U.S. News reports [The National Interest, April 21, 2008]:

But even the elderly, who grew up in an America where big institutions--the U.S. military, big corporations, giant labor unions--made choices for them, turned out to be satisfied with the choices they had under Medicare Part D.

Who are these people? The customers I see hate Medicare part D. Hate it. Every December they get these letters saying how they may need to switch to a different plan, or they may be switched unless they do such-and-such and call so-and-so. And then they find out their drugs are no long covered and they need to switch or get prior authorizations. Who could blame them for hating this system? I certainly hate it.

But the reports are saying that everything is all hunky-dory. Are they daft? Maybe it depends on how the questions are written. Maybe more people respond who simply aren't on that many medications and so they just don't see the worst cases.

All I know is that I hate it. I hate it good.


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