Finally! This week's Slate magazine (March 22nd) has exposed the cold remedy Airborne for the snake oil it is. The double blind study supposedly done wasn't, and the stuff will give you a good case of vitamin A overdose if taken as directed. All it is is some vitamins...but hey! it was "invented" by a school teacher, so its gotta be good...doesn't it?
Because it is basically a vitamin product the FDA doesn't have to say it is effective for what it says it is effective for (colds), but does that make any sense? If somebody comes out and says something will cure the common cold then it should give us some proof, right? (But then again, Oprah said it was great stuff so...?)
Or maybe we should all remember that if something seems too good to be true...then it isn't. True, that is. And remember, there is no cure for the common cold. Right? Right.
And one more thing: All you people out there wanting some product to get rid of your colds or the flu...THERE ISN'T ANY. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES...WE'RE JUST TRYING TO GET YOUR MONEY YOU FOOLS!


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